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The Study

The Maui Wildfire Exposure Cohort Study, or MauiWES, is the most comprehensive study to understand and mitigate the health and social impacts of the Maui wildfires. By joining this study, participants not only gain insight into their personal exposure risks but also contribute essential data that supports community resilience throughout the recovery phase.

Engaging a wide array of partners led by the University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization and the John A. Burns School of Medicine with numerous community and health organizations, this study addresses a critical gap in knowledge about the effects of environmental hazards and socioeconomic challenges on the health of those affected by the wildfires. The focus lies on collecting data and biospecimens from over 1000 residents impacted by the wildfires, providing vital insights into the short- and long-term health outcomes such as chronic diseases, mental health issues, and the broader social implications.

What are we doing?

We are recruiting adult participants living in Maui who were directly or indirectly affected by the Maui Wildfires. 

Participants who qualify and complete the questionnaire and health metrics will receive up to $100. The health metrics include saliva, urine, height, weight, blood pressure, and a small amount of blood (30ml or about 3 tablespoons). 

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Our Mission


The mission of the Maui Wildfire Exposure Cohort Study extends beyond immediate analysis. It endeavors to establish a resilient health model, integrating biomarker and socioeconomic data to forecast individual-level risks and inform preventative strategies. This comprehensive approach aims not only to address the current crisis but also to create a blueprint for future disaster response, prioritizing health and well-being in the wake of natural disasters.

How can you participate?

To be eligible for the study, partiicpants need to meet the following:

  1. Age: 18 years or older

  2. Must have resided or worked in or near the affected area by the Wildfires in Maui in August 2023

  3. Expected to be in Hawaii for at least five years and willing to participate every year

Participants need to register and select an appointment time. Complete the survey online before the appointment date. Attend a recruitment event at the scheduled location and time. They receive up to $100 for your participation. For more information please visit the Participant Page.

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